About PaperScape Press

PaperScape Press is an independent comic book publishing and distribution service based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our vision for customers is for PaperScape Press to become a one-stop-shop for Australian indie comic book titles.  For our partnered creators, we want to be more than just another comic retailer.

PaperScape Press aims to provide an end-to-end service for creators once they’ve written and illustrated their books.

With our printing and e-commerce expertise, indie comic creators will have the support needed to produce high-quality printed products and beyond that a platform through which they can be marketed and sold.

Self-publishing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

Who are we?

You could say we know a little about comics, printing and e-commerce…



Digital & E-Commerce

Once upon a time, Steen co-founded and ran a little store called Secret Identity Comics. By day, she spends her time working in the digital media space. By night, she’s still there. She’ll never leave. You can’t make her.



Design & Pre-Press

When Zoe’s not working in print design she’s working on freelance graphic design and illustration or, if she’s lucky, maybe finding a little time to draw her own comics. Can’t stop, won’t stop.