So, it’s the week after an event and you’ve got a few comics and zines left over. You can start an online store but then you’d have to set one up and figure out how to charge postage for these things to make sure they get to the right destination… Or you can let PaperScape Press handle it all while you get to relax after all your hard work prepping for the con.

We’ve tried to think of everything we can do to help out local comics and managing your stock after a convention is one of them.

If you want the convenience of someone else organising an online store for you, go to the link below to give us a few details about your book(s), and we’ll get in touch about getting some copies to stock.

Stock your book on a platform that’s made for a¬†network of creators like you! Or if you’re thinking about your next project already, have a look at what else we can help you with.