Service Terms & Conditions


Submitting files to PaperScape Press enters you, the creator, into an agreement that enables us to create and store a print-ready copy of your book, store printed copies for resale unless otherwise requested, and list it on our website. Unless requested by you, we will never use the file to print any additional copies.

If you are only providing comics to be stocked and listed on the PaperScape Press online store, you are agreeing to allow us to stock and redistribute your books for order fulfilment.

While we will do our best to market the PaperScape Press platform and its listed products, we cannot guarantee any sales or income for creators who stock their books on this store.


If you order copies of your books to be printed through PaperScape Press, you can request a digital proof to correct any errors before production.

We do no accept responsibility for any printed layout or content errors including, but not limited to typographical errors, transparency issues or resolution issues that are in the submitted file or the file approved via proof. 

If you are only listing your books on the PaperScape Press website but are not submitting files for printing, you will need to provide us with physical copies as stock at your own cost. A listing submission must be completed before we accept stock.


Upon receiving your digital proof, your first design revision is complimentary. Additional design revisions start at $9.95 for basic changes with more extensive changes are charged at $12.50/10 minutes. Large changes will be quoted as necessary and require approval before any additional work commences.


Content submitted to PaperScape Press will remain property of the creator. Should you wish to terminate the agreement, simply contact us. We will delete our print-ready file, remove the product listing on the website, and return any remaining stock. Standard shipping charges may apply.

PaperScape Press will not stock:

  • copyright infringing materials, including fan art; or
  • offensive content, including but not limited to defamatory commentary, hate speech, extreme violence etc.


PaperScape Press will provide monthly reports and remittance of sold products during that period to the creator. While you can modify your product prices at any time by contacting us, we will include our margin of 20% on the retail price. Profits will go towards the maintenance and promotion of the website.

Pricing And Quotes

PaperScape Press reserves the right to change our pricing at any time. Quotes will include current pricing and be valid for a maximum of 30 days. Any creators we are storing print-ready files for will be notified of price changes for reprinting books.

For any price-matching requests, Paperscape Press will require a copy of the competitor quote to ensure we are quoting for a like-for-like product.


Submitted artwork will need to be print-ready, including 3mm of bleed, a 5mm safe margin and all pages ordered into a pdf file. Artwork that is not print-ready may be subject to additional fees and/or extended turnarounds unless otherwise included in the quote or invoice.

PaperScape Press will require payment in full prior to the commencement of any print jobs. We outsource printing and only act as a broker. Final printed product may vary in colour and stock.


PaperScape Press reserves the right to refuse services to anyone.

Updated December 2019