LUV Comics: A Geeks’ Guide to Girls


Geeks. Dating. Music. Zombies.
Maynard’s a hapless nerd. Claudia manages a metal band, the Throbbing Members.
Could she ever fall in love with this magnificent specimen of the “unconventional gentleman”?
This 44-page volume collects the hilarious first six months of LUV Comics with liner notes and bonus material.

LUV Comics is a weekly romantic comedy series about a woman who’s tired of being jerked around by musicians, jocks, and businessmen, so she’s going to try dating a geek. He’s a hapless nerd who’s happy just to be on a date. What could possibly go wrong?

Each comic is accompanied by commentary by the author and illustrator, Sally Browne and Dan Gilmore. They share dating advice, war stories, and insight into the creative process behind the comics in a she-said/he-said format.

Recommended for mature readers, for strong language and adult concepts.

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