I’m proud to introduce to you something that’s been on our minds for a while.

Zoe and I wanted to create something that’s specifically designed for our friends in the indie comics community who self-publish books. Myself, having owned a comic book retail store, and Zoe, being a creator herself with a professional background print design, understand the challenges that self-publishing creators can face, so PaperScape Press is our solution for you.

On the surface, PaperScape Press is an online market place of indie comics by local creators. But we’re more than just a retailer.

Creating comics is a combination of writing and illustration, but there are also so many other aspects to take into consideration that comes afterwards. Printing them, transporting them to and from conventions, starting an online store to sell them, then packaging a comic to be posted through snail mail? For a side gig, it’s full on.

This is where PaperScape Press comes in.

We can help set up your comic for print, get them printed, distribute them to you for a con, and afterwards, you can stock them on the online store where we look after your orders and shipping. We take care of your business so you can focus on your art.

If you want more time for your next comic (or zine!), check out how we can help.

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